Bannerstone Capital was formed on May 12, 2008, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Bannerstone is born of practical investment experience. Co-founder G.L. “Biff” Robillard III spent 24 years at Merrill Lynch. Co-founder Scott D. Larson spent 14 years there. As a team, Robillard and Larson managed both client accounts and the Wayzata, Minnesota Merrill Lynch location for about 10 years. They left Merrill to found Bannerstone several months prior to Merrill’s collapse and the takeover by Bank of America. Merrill Lynch’s Wayzata Office was responsible for over 2 billion dollars in client assets and was the most productive office in the state at the time of their departure.

Bannerstone is literally the natural antithesis to the “wirehouse”, the large publicly-held investment concerns riddled with conflicts of interest, opaque compensation schemes, and antiquated business models predicated on selling a firm’s offerings to inadequately informed customers. We are a buy-side boutique firm, dedicated to the welfare of our clients.

Bannerstone was created to benefit the investor, and the owners believe investor success should drive their own success. Bannerstone is an advisory firm whose economic incentives are carefully aligned with the objectives of the investors it serves.

In June of 2011, David W. Hust joined the firm as a Portfolio Manager. David brings over 20 years of investment management experience. His personal history includes the creation of Tealwood Asset Management of Minneapolis, which David cofounded with his late father and industry veteran,  “Duke” Hust.